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Source:Text/Guangzhou Daily New Flower City Reporter: He Ruiqi Correspondent Jiao Chanjuan, Fan Minling

Create an "e-sports +" ecology and jointly create China's digital "Huangpu Solution"
As the main engine of Guangzhou's technological innovation and the main battlefield of the real economy, Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development Zone have a solid industrial foundation and economic strength. 

By the end of 2022, the total revenue of the service industry in the region will exceed 188 billion yuan, and more than 4 small and medium-sized enterprises will gather. 

There are over 10,000 high-tech enterprises, including more than 2,500 high-tech enterprises. In recent years, the district has focused on the development of e-sports game ecology driven by digital technology, and promoted the manufacturing industry to move towards a strong digital economy.
"Huangpu District will promote the development of digital economy industry projects in the whole district, build a group of industrial benchmarking enterprises, and form an industrial structure with leading leadership, echelon coordination, and complementary advantages." On the afternoon of the 13th, at the sub-forum of the annual conference-industrial trend development At the forum, Liu Pinpin, deputy director of the Investment Promotion Center of Guangzhou Development Zone, made a recommendation. At present, the district has gathered a number of industry-representative high-quality enterprises such as TOEIC, 4399, and Aofei Entertainment, and has also attracted high-growth emerging enterprises such as Guangzhou Youai and Guangzhou Babaiwan to settle down.
At present, Huangpu District focuses on the development of e-sports games and "e-sports +" ecology driven by digital technology, and strives to build China's game software valley and Yuzhu Dawan District International E-sports Innovation Center, of which the northern area of Yuzhu is the digital economy innovation center It will strive to build a famous Chinese software area featuring blockchain, build a high-quality life and business supporting system in the central area to serve the development of artificial intelligence and digital economy, and strive to build a new trade innovation center based on Huangpu Port. The Hong Kong-Singapore Trade Innovation Belt focuses on the introduction of new types of cross-border e-commerce, digital trade and other new formats, realizes the deep integration of shipping, trade, and digital economy, and at the same time promotes a world-class waterfront comprehensive development belt. The three linkages form China's digital "Huangpu plan".

Text/Guangzhou Daily New Flower City Reporter: He Ruiqi Correspondent Jiao Chanjuan, Fan Minling

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