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From July 30th to 31st, the Risk Management and Financial Statistics Forum with the theme of "New Era, New Pattern, Digital Finance Innovation Development and Risk Governance" was held in Nansha, Guangzhou. 

Chen Jie, Deputy Mayor and Secretary-General of Guangzhou Municipal People's Government, said in his speech that in order to implement the "Guangzhou Nansha Comprehensive Plan for Deepening Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Comprehensive Cooperation Facing the World", Nansha will focus on "interconnection of financial markets" and accelerate the establishment of the Greater Bay Area An international commercial bank, build a high-level Guangzhou Futures Exchange, a cross-border wealth management and asset management center in the Greater Bay Area, vigorously develop cross-border finance, shipping finance, green finance and other characteristic finance, strive for cross-border capital management, RMB internationalization, capital Items can be exchanged.
Li Yang, chairman of the National Finance and Development Laboratory, said that in the future, Nansha can continue to make efforts in increasing the introduction of financial technology companies, accelerating the implementation of digital financial projects, actively conducting research in the field of digital finance, and focusing on cultivating high-end talents in digital finance.
On July 31, a seminar on digital finance themed papers with the theme of "risk management and technology in the context of digital economy" will be held in Nansha, Guangzhou.

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