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Using AI technology, minibuses can realize automatic driving; through AI models and Telemedicine platforms, the experience of treating blinding eye diseases is delivered to distant places lacking experts; based on the "Nansha Traffic Brain", by using AI technology, a transportation "metaverse"in Nansha is accomplished... 

on 8th of August, the Guangzhou Science and Technology Bureau announced 100 typical cases of application scenarios in the field of artificial intelligence in Guangzhou at the Guangzhou Artificial Intelligence Industry Chain Innovation and Development Conference.

As one of the key industrial chains in Guangzhou, the development of the artificial intelligence industry is under dramatic change.

The total number of artificial intelligence enterprises in the city reached 974, with 605 enterprises emerging with the market and 111 key enterprises leading the market.

 Since 2022, 5 artificial intelligence companies including Yuncong Technology and Xinbang Intelligence went IPO, and leveraged cooperative banks through the capital pool provided more than 2.8 billion yuan of credit to 590 companies in the field of artificial intelligence.

The 100 typical cases of application scenarios released this time focus on the 4 advantageous tracks of Guangzhou's "Building a Vehicle and Healthy City", covering 7 fields of health care, intelligent systems, intelligent manufacturing, smart cities, smart agriculture, intelligent transportation, and intelligent driving.

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