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In the precious articles you may find all the relevant preferential policies on Nansha district,yet today we will discover together another district in Guangzhou which contributes the Highest Gross regional domestic product in Guangzhou,that is Huangpu District.

And today we will focus on the introduction of the Hi-Tech Zone in Guangzhou-Huangpu district.

Guangzhou High-tech Zone is making every effort to build a world-class high-tech strong zone.

The scientific and technological innovation work of Huangpu District /Guangzhou High-tech Zone in the past five years has been recognized by the state, and the innovation index ranks first in the city.

Strategic scientific and technological strength achieved a milestone leap!

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Huangpu is making every effort to build a "2+3+N" strategic technology innovation platform cluster, and the technology innovation platform is developing rapidly. The Guangzhou laboratory and the National Technology Innovation Center of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area were successfully put into orbit on schedule; the human cell lineage large-scale scientific research facility was included in the national "14th Five-Year Plan" special plan; the aviation tire dynamics large-scale scientific device was put into use; the Huiyan large-scale facility pre-research The laboratory of the first phase of the project was officially put into operation; the nanotechnology innovation base and the headquarters park were successfully opened.

Huangpu District /Guangzhou High-tech Zone have a number of high-quality scientific research institutes, such as the Institute of Advanced Materials, the Institute of Integrated Circuits, the Institute of Corruption and Innovation, and the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

A number of high-end platforms and projects such as the Circuit Components Technology Innovation Center and the Disruptive Technology Innovation Center (Guangzhou).

Huangpu District gathers more than 1,000 R&D institutions of various types, 9 provincial high-level innovation research institutes, and 39 provincial-level new R&D institutions, accounting for half of the province and the city respectively.

The concentration and innovation capabilities of new R&D institutions are at the top level.

Huangpu supports small and medium-sized enterprises to improve their independent innovation capabilities. 

In 2021, the R&D investment intensity of Huangpu District will reach 6.14%, and the turnover of technology contracts exceed 62 billion yuan, accounting for about a quarter of the city.

There are more than 2,500 high-tech enterprises in Huangpu District and the main park of Guangzhou High-tech Zone, and 53 listed high-tech enterprises, accounting for more than half of the city.

In 2021, the number of high-tech enterprises filings ranks first in the city.

5 companies including WeRide, Yuexin Semiconductor, Huizhi Microelectronics, Aodong New Energy, and Ruqi Travel were selected for the 2022 Hurun Global Unicorn List, and 80 companies including Lijing Innovation were selected for the 2022 Guangzhou Unicorn List Beasts, future unicorns, and high-tech companies all rank first in the city in total.Huangpu has accelerated the construction of professional incubators, accelerators, and science and technology parks. 

Huangpu District has 113 technology business incubators, 21 national-level incubators, and an innovative industry space of over 10 million square meters.

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