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The 2022 China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Achievement Fair (referred to as "2022 Innovation Fair") was successfully concluded. 

For the first time, this year's innovation Fair features the Metaverse venue to be displayed online, helping the digital transformation and upgrading of the exhibition.
The Innovation Fair has been held for eight consecutive years, and it has become an important window for Guangzhou to continue to release the "Gravity of the Bay" to the world.
The 2022 Innovation Fair is based on the theme of "Technology Innovation, Wisdom Wins the Future". More than 20 exhibition areas are set up online, with more than 2,700 exhibitors, nearly 9,000 display projects, and more than 100 offline roadshows, forums and other activities. The annual goal of promoting conversion and landing is not less than 12 billion yuan.
Focusing on high-tech and key industries, this year's Fair sets up artificial intelligence and digital economy, new generation information technology, advanced technology of high-end equipment, biomedicine and health; around innovative services, high-level talent Exchanges, innovative ecology, start-up technology enterprises, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan (Guangzhou) Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Achievements Exhibition Area.
The 2022 Innovation Fair has built a "cross-ocean bridge" for the exchange of high-tech achievements and a dialogue platform for experts and scholars at home and abroad. Taking this opportunity, all parties will carry out in-depth international technical cooperation and sustainable collaborative innovation in the Greater Bay Area in the future to help create a new development pattern.

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