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Guangzhou's Tianhe district has been devoted to boosting the development of its business circle economy to give full support to Guangzhou in building itself into an international consumption center.
Tianhe now has three major business circles, namely the Tianhe Lu (天河路) Business Circle, the Zhujiang New Town (珠江新城) Business Circle, and the Tianhedong (天河东) New Business Circle.
Renowned as the "No. 1 business circle in South China", the Tianhe Lu Business Circle started its upgrading in 2012. It has since gathered 23 commercial carriers, 1,872 renowned domestic and foreign brands, as well as 227 first stores in Guangzhou.

The dynamic business circle in Tianhe district. (Photo/广州天河发布)

The Tianhedong New Business Circle is now in the stage of rapid development, with IKEA and Sam's Club having settled here in succession since 2019.  

The modern business and trade industry has become one of the five leading industries in Tianhe. In 2021, the district realized 205.06 billion yuan (US$ 29.21 billion) in total retail sales of consumer goods, becoming the first district in Guangzhou to exceed 200 billion yuan in this index.

Tianhe will make efforts to build the Tianhe Lu-Zhujiang New Town business circle into a world-class one, according to the district's 2022 government work report. It will also deepen the integrated development of the commercial carriers in the business circle with retail, catering, accommodation, entertainment, culture, and sports.

The number of first stores in Guangzhou in the Tianhe Lu Business Circle will reach 300 by 2025, according to the report, and the business circle will initially build an international consumption demonstration zone and a sales cluster of renowned brands.

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